The Pride

Germany 1986, 35mm, color, 15 minutes

Superbia — The Pride is the first of the Seven Deadly Sins

The introduction is made through early allegorical forms and figures (triumphal procession, dance of death, Baroque tragedy etc.) The triumphal procession of the giant haystack as a symbol of human vanities becomes a military parade of abrupt, functional and arrogant gestures. The most diverse musical fragments and rhythms intone the montage of details in the staged triumphal procession, juxtaposed with documentary images, including marches, ticker-tape parades and military review.

“I am pride. The proud root of all evil.
I am Superbia,  the first of the seven capital sins.  I am always the first.
The tree of wickedness grows out of me. My six daughters are its forbidden fruit:
gluttony - indolence - avarice - wrath - envy - lust.
But see for yourself how Luciphera Superbia, her coach, drawn by the six minor sins,
drives in triumph to her wedding with the world, accompanied by her retinue and by Blasphemia, her maid.”

– Prologue narrated by lrm Hermann

Cast & Crew
Beggar Countess Delphine Seyrig
Bank Director Irm Hermann
Chinese Dragon Princess Else Nabu
General Renate Schlesier
General Ting-lLi
Samurai Hisao Saito
Capitalist Margie Ellgaard
Luciphera Superbia Gabriele Heidecker
and Wolfgang Petrick, Herbert Levine, Eva Meyer,
Maria Rubina, Beatrice Stammer, Chris Smith,
Annette Eckert, Judith Hackfeld, Gordana Mikovic,
Martina Marx, Rita della Carbonara,
Alfred und Mausi Buchelt, Bernhard-Jahn-Chor u.a.
Ulrike Ottinger
Assistant Director Christine Egerland
Assistant Cinematographer Bernd Balaschus
Executive Producer Herbert Kerz
Coordination Hanna Rogge
Set Manager Horst Helbig
Costumes Gisela Storch, Anne Jud, Hella Utesch
Make-Up Barbara Marthaler, Manfred Schröder
Sculptor Arndt von Diepenbroick
Set Painter Heinz Bert Dreckmann
Editor Bettina Böhler
Lighting Alexander Junker
Sound Margit Eschenbach
Sound Assistant Bernard Mangiante

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