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In the tradition of the flanérie she seeks places that were significant for her personally as well as for the 1960s. In Fritz Picard's Librairie Calligrammes, she meets German and French avant-gardists from literature and art. The Cinémathèque Française becomes a special attraction for her. Here she saw films by the Nouvelle Vague, Independents from the USA, from Asian countries, the Soviet republics, from Africa and the Magreb and also film history. The love for cinema had flared up.


Paris was not only the meeting point of intellectuals and artists from all over the world, but also went through a difficult political phase of decolonization in the aftermath of the Algerian war. In addition, student protests against the Vietnam War and racial discrimination began in the mid-sixties. Ulrike Ottinger describes how she experienced this period of artistic, political and social awakening.