The Oul Pass with holy Obo relic - Guards of the Darkhad Valley
The valley of the Darkhad Nomads
Nomads along the Altrag River
The shamaness Baldshir lives alone in the Höjen Valley
With the Yura - the wedding
With the Yura - the white food
The Jura's neighbors - The singer and smith Dawadschi
Sacred tree
Suren Hor narrates the fairty tale of the naked boy in the hole in the ground
The hunter and boot maker Ölziibajar
The Öwtschuunii-Naadam-Festival of the sheep breast bone
Wrestlers and Singers of Praise
The nomads prepare to move to their winter camp
On the way to Tsagaan Nor (white sea)
The hunter Tscholoo
Tsagaan Nor City
Hero of work
Tree cutter Sanji
Örgöl reliquary 
How the old bears hunted
On the Shishgid on the way to the reindeer nomads of the taiga
Large Tsaatan meeting on the Tingis
A Christian delegation has arrived
Departure for the autumn camp, 5-days-trip away
Trip to the southern taiga
The shamaness Bajar and her family
Back with the Jura - preparations for the winter camp
The Jura's move to winter camp in Ulaan Uul
The Jura's neighbors in Ulaan Uul
Flour and tea seals have arrived at the store
The dignitaries of Ulaan Uul host a farewell party
Nomads on the Oul Pass
First school day in Hadhal
From Hadhal to Hanch, two forgotten trading centers
Chöwsgöl Nor - Lake of Clear Water
Ulaanbaatar - marriage palace
Amusement park - epic singers