The films of Ulrike Ottinger are exclusively available at her office as Special editions serially numbered from #100. There are different costs for institutions and libraries. Available on request is a limited Artist Edition of 10 copies, signed and numbered in linen slipcase.

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You can order posters for almost all of Ulrike Ottinger's films. The posters for MADAME X and FREAK ORLANDO are out of print. Individual posters for BILDNIS EINER DRINKERIN are available on request.
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Restored versions out now on DVD

DVD SUPERBIA – THE PRIDE  (1986, 15 min., Special edition, English/French/Spanish subtitles)
DVD CHINA. THE ARTS – THE PEOPLE (1985, 270 min, 3 parts, Engl.Version)
DVD DORIAN GRAY IN THE MIRROR OF THE YELLOW PRESS  (1984, 150 min., Engl./Fr./Span. subt.)
DVD TICKET OF NO RETURN (1979, 107 min., Engl./Fr. subtitles)
DVD LAOCOON & SONS (1973, 47 min., German OV)
DVD BERLINFEVER – WOLF VOSTELL (1973, 12 min, no dialogue)

The following films are still available on DVD (PAL):

DVD STILL MOVING (Special edition, no dialogue)
DVD TWELVE CHAIRS (Special edition, 2 parts, German/English subtitles)
DVD SOUTH EAST PASSAGE (Special edition, 6 parts, English version)
DVD EXIL SHANGHAI (Special edition, 5 parts, English/French/German subtitles)
DVD TAIGA (Special edition, English version, 5 parts)
DVD JOHANNA D’ARC OF MONGOLIA (Special edition, English/French/Spanish subt.)
DVD ESTER (Special edition, English subtitles)
DVD THE SPECIMEN (Special edition, English version)
DVD USINIMAGE (Special edition, no dialogue)
DVD MADAME X – AN ABSOLUTE RULER (Special edition, English subtitles)
DVD UNDER SNOW (German/English version, incl. Audioplay Under Snow)
DVD THE KOREAN WEDDING CHEST (German/English/French Subtitles)

The DVD PRATER (2007, 104’,35mm, Dolby Digital Surround, Originalfassung: Deutsch, engl. UT) is available at our office as a limited Special Edition with signed photography.


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